A downloadable game for Windows

Are you going to follow the directions? Will you choose the correct color no matter what?

This is a story driven experience based on an infamous psychological experiment. The game asks the question: Is your choice really your own?

Game was made for Ludumdare 37 with the there "One Room".

Controls: WASD, Left Mouse Button

Known bugs:

-Game sometimes skips events that trigger important stuff when Alt-Tabbing, so don't do it.

-If you get stuck, start spamming 'R' until you hear the end-of-day sound. However this takes away from the game, so don't do it unless needed ;)

Edit: Lots of small bugs been fixed.

Install instructions

Just simply unpack and launch .exe


CorrectColor_Windows.rar 76 MB


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I always like games which are based about real things, in this case a variation of the Milgram experiment, if I'm not mistaken. :) The storytelling was neat and I liked the aesthetics, which reminded me a bit about the Aperture Science factories in the "Portal" series. Well done. That's why I included your game in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 37 as well as in the related showcase video. Keep it up!

Best wishes,

*Rurr* Hello there! Made my Let's Play of this game, was finally able to release it under my busy moving-around-everywhere-schedule. xD Hope you and everyone who maybe watches enjoys it!

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This game was really good i liked it and i get the concept overall it's good and i liked it.

You will see a video on it tomorrow than k you for this game and thank you for messaging me about it.

Creepy/weird. Not bad. Just needs to clean up voice some more next time.

Got to play it too. I was left with questions, I guess that's a good think. :)

Thank you for messaging me, I found the game to be quite interesting, a little music during the game would have been nice but I think I completed it correctly without dealing with any bugs.

YouTube: Fellowplayer